Repowering the planet, the Intelligent Way, Part I — Understand the problem

Dr Louis Arnoux
40 min readJan 19, 2022

White Paper — What no one ever told you about the world you live in, that you never thought about asking, re energy, climate and all… and that you need to know to make it past 2030

What’s the question?

Just about every day, we are bombarded with alerts about the Climate Emergency, from thousands of scientists, from financiers, from young people, from “greens” of all kinds. All want action. All point at the urgency: our world is in overshoot mode, on track to go well over 2oC within a decade or so. All complain that current action by governments and business globally is nowhere near enough to avert the catastrophe.

However, to date, none of the global, decision-making elites manifests even remotely an understanding of the situation that could provide a basis for effective action. In 2017, Clive Hamilton was already asking the poignant question: “How can we understand the miserable failure of contemporary thinking to come to grips with what now confronts us?”

Decades ago, the famous physicist David Bohm had already pointed out a core matter. He used to stress that, “In scientific enquiries a crucial step is to ask the right question. Indeed, each question contains presuppositions, largely implicit. If these presuppositions are wrong or confused, the question itself is wrong, in the sense that to try to answer it has no meaning. One has thus to inquire into the appropriateness of the question.”

None of the current elites has ever bothered to ensure that they were asking the right questions. In consequence all of their “answers” miss the mark and stand to make matters far worse.

Let’s begin where we live and work

Figure 2 — Home like, maybe, you have never seen it…

In order to ensure that we understand the problem and focus on the right questions, let’s start with what we are most familiar with, our home. As Figure 2 emphasises, our homes are stuffed with consumer appliances that we take for granted, until they break down…

Dr Louis Arnoux

Louis is the catalyst and main author for the Fourth Transition Initiative and Cool Planet Foundation.