Repowering the planet, the Intelligent Way — Introduction and Summary

Dr Louis Arnoux
8 min readJan 19, 2022

White Paper — What no one ever told you about the world you live in, that you never thought about asking, re energy, climate and all… and that you need to know to make it past 2030


Hi, I am Louis Arnoux, inventor of the nGeni Technology Class and catalyst for the Fourth Transition Initiative. You have most probably never heard of either. This is not surprising; this is a new development. As for re-powering the Planet, you may think it is already under way with what one calls “renewables”, things like wind turbines, wind farms, solar farms covered in thousands of square meters of photovoltaic panels and the like.

Maybe you have heard of some films like Bright Green Lies that cast doubts about renewables’ abilities to address matters like the Climate Emergency. Maybe you even have seen one of those documentaries or read some articles about the matter. Most likely you considered these were fringe. So many experts are trumpeting each week the cost competitiveness of renewables against fossil fuels, the dangers of fossil fuel assets becoming stranded, and so on ad nauseam. Could they be wrong? Why on earth could we need to re-power our world in any other way?

Or maybe you have seen Adam McKay’s new satirical black comedy, Don’t look up that sends up elites’ crass inability to deal with a lethal threat, a comet on its way to hit Earth and annihilate most of life, a metaphor for the Climate Emergency. Could it be that critiques, as in Bright Green Lies, are right and we are not yet dealing effectively with the climate threat? Is it just that we finally need to get our act together and actually “decarbonise with renewables” big time, in a hell of a hurry?

I would be delighted if it was that simple. I could enjoy retirement, go fishing, trekking across wonderful wilderness places in my beloved Southern France or in Ireland that I love too, or even enjoy a spot of boating. Sadly, very sadly, global matters are far more dire than most people imagine. Although finally recognised as existential threats, the Climate Emergency and related energy, ecological, social and financial matters remain grossly misunderstood. Not only, as Don’t look up points out, the Emergency remains largely unheeded but a

Dr Louis Arnoux

Louis is the catalyst and main author for the Fourth Transition Initiative and Cool Planet Foundation.