Hi Gwyneth,

Thanks for this great review!

Re your main question, how well does it reflect the Climate Emergency, I would like an additional concern. In the film there is only one threat and all focus on it, deniers, profiteers, media, activists, etc.

The situation we cannot avoid facing globally is much more complex, with myriad threats all happening at once like an avalanche. It's systemic. Just focusing on the climate misses the core systemic threat. The myriad systemic problems are underlain with one major threat that is much more immediate than the climate one and that only a few specialists currently see. This is the terminal state of the thermodynamic foundations of the industrial world. Yes, I know it's hard to put one's head around that one. In plain English, the global energy supply system that enables current life within the industrial world (with all its atrocious inequalities and inequities) will most likely have substantially broken down by around 2030 - resulting in much loss of life and wealth destruction.

To illustrate this, rather than the metaphor of a meteorite or two, I often talk of the fate of an humble possum. The possums pests we have in New Zealand devour huge amount of native biomass every night. When they cross a road at night they tend to be transfixed by the headlights of incoming cars. Because of their noxious character, drivers have no hesitation to squish them. Hence my metaphor about the current situation: a possum is transfixed by the headlights of a car still in the distance and does not see that a huge B-train truck coming from behind is a few metres away from squashing it. The car is the Climate Emergency. The B-train truck is the global energy breakdown already in train but masked by ever growing debt, focus on finance and economics instead of the thermodynamics of our world...

You can find an overview at https://fourth-transition.medium.com/repowering-the-planet-the-intelligent-way-introduction-and-summary-4ef44c9d17b9 and subsequent parts.

It's high time to wake up, yet almost nobody pays attention. This is the double barrelled irony of the world's predicament that Don't look up misses. The Climate Emergency is real. It is the "Comet" and nearly everyone misses the much more immediate threat coming from behind so to speak!





Louis is the catalyst and main author for the Fourth Transition Initiative and Cool Planet Foundation.

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Dr Louis Arnoux

Louis is the catalyst and main author for the Fourth Transition Initiative and Cool Planet Foundation.